Mercy Graves
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I’m going to give your boss a few.  Stay out of the way and you’ll be fine.


"Yes, yes, of course… you're not the first person to say it. And you're not the first person that should be smarter and take their own advice. Stay away from Mister Luthor, and you'll be fine”

Progress ― Mercy and Lex.


Lex was utterly pleased with Mercy’s appearance. In fact, at the end of the day, when he stopped to think for a second in the privacy of his bedroom, he realized once again how beautiful that woman was. The fierceness behind those blue eyes and the coldness that he could almost feel in her words. Mercedes had shown that she was indeed an intelligent woman, maybe blessed with a part -not quite the same- illuminator knowlegde as him. After a few seconds of meditation, he thought that perhaps she also deserved the greatness, being recognized. There was no woman in LexCorp that wasn’t drooling over Lex’s power, except for Graves, she never showed interest in him and that was somehow bothering. 

"The prototype is in development" he informed, placing his hands on the woman’s shoulders. "You’ll see, Mercy… this artwork, this little piece of powerful engineering will be one of the most powerful weapons of the United States of America” he claimed with his voice full of pride as usual. 

Mercy was pretty much used to those strange acts physical acts of care that he expressed so often, there was no man on earth able to touch Mercy’s shoulders that way and still keep his hands. She never felt comfortable with any man in any way… and now that she thought about it, neither with any woman or person on earth. Perhaps it was just her job, to shut up and stick with the eccentric billionaire. 

"It worths the inversion” she claimed with a motionless voice. “Now, Lex, you should start to worry more about winning the campaign or your first procedures after that than about the war methods” she says, raising an eyebrow and folding her arms. 




Probably true.

"Completely true. And you are…? Your face, looks familiar"


You won’t think its so good for long.


"And why is that, handsome? Are you going to give me a bad day?"


First person I’ve met who actually likes more work.


"Oh, I’m sure I’m the only person you’ve met with that special kind of work"


Ya’ know, that really depends on what kind of work I have to do.”


"Well, I love my job in some circumstances, it’s quite… practical

"New faces, more work I assume. Good."